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Clio Publishing is a small and perfectly formed company established in 2001 by an academic historian with a background in publishing and librarianship. Our first book, The History and Gallantry of the North West Frontier 1849-1947 was published in early 2002, and its subject matter proved apposite in the light of the outbreak of war in Afghanistan the previous year. Although out of print now, it commands a very good secondhand resale price due to its scarcity and continuing topicality.

Since then we have continued to develop how we work and interact with our authors, in a way that is probably unique in British publishing. No one does it quite like us. With all that we have learnt over the intervening years, we offer an unparalleled collaborative approach that takes the best of traditional publishing and melds it with the new ways of producing, promoting and distributing an author’s work. From Facebook to bookshop, Clio Publishing covers a lot of ground on behalf of our authors.

We were one of the first to offer print on demand (POD) to our authors, a commercial model that is now an industry standard. And we work jolly hard to keep our ideas and services fresh, new, and creative. Being small and perfectly formed means that we are nimble, flexible, friendly, and very collaborative. We like it, and our authors like it too.

We organise our offer to authors via four publishing packages: Chelsea, London, Islington, and Office.

Our publishing niche is the humanities with a focus on history, autobiography, biography, and ethnicity. We have also recently published books on Natural History and the History of Natural History.

Q: Why are our publishing packages called Chelsea, London, Islington, and Office?

A: Joseph Addison (1672-1719), English essayist, politician, classical scholar and co-founder with Sir Richard Steele (1672-1729) in 1711 of The Spectator adopted the name of Clio as a pseudonym and many of his writings in this journal were signed using one of the four letters in this word, allegedly the initial letters of the places where they were written: Chelsea, London, Islington, the Office.

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