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Resistance and Rebellion in the British Empire 1600-1980 (Richard Brown)










South Africa, Sierra Leone, Mauritius, Indonesia, Kenya, America, Cyprus, New Zealand and all parts of the pink bits on the maps, this book is a global sweep of rebellion and resistance in the British Empire. It is also the final volume of Richard Brown’s epic Rebellions Trilogy. The two previous volumes concentrated on particular developments in Britain, Canada and Australia between the 1830s and 1880s including that of the Fenian movement. This volume takes a different tack. It explores a diverse range of anti-colonial rebellions within the British Empire from a broader chronological and geographical perspective using examples from the seventeenth through to the twentieth century. ‘Rebellion’ is seen as a broad concept encompassing resistance to the authorities as well as direct action. Rebellions include those of slaves, convicts, indentured workers, and indigenous peoples, rebellions caused by taxation, millenarianism, and nationalism; and the eminently ‘British coup’ in New South Wales, Australia, in 1808, when Governor William Bligh (he of the mutiny on the HMS Bounty) was removed from power by military and settler action. The book concludes by drawing together the differing modes of colonial resistance and rebellion, and how the institutional structures, motives and opportunities, and the relationships between colonists and colonised created the modern world we know today.

About the author

Richard Brown was, until he retired, Head of History and Citizenship at Manshead School in Dunstable, and has published thirty books either in print media or in Kindle format and 40 articles and papers on nineteenth century history. He is a Fellow of The Historical Association and an online reviewer on their website. He is also the author of a successful blog, The History Zone, which has a wide audience among students and researchers. Having completed the three volumes in the Rebellions Trilogy, Three Rebellions: Canada: Canada 1837-1838, South Wales 1839 and Victoria, Australia 1854, Famine, Fenians and Freedom 1840-1882 and Resistance and Rebellion in the British Empire, 1600-1980, he has recently published six volumes on Nineteenth Century Society in Kindle format, Sex, Work and Politics: Women in Britain, 1830-1918 and two books on Rebellion in Canada 1837-1885. He is now working on two volumes on Settler Australia, 1780-1880, The Peaceful Kingdom, a collection of essays on Canadian history and a collection of essays on global Chartism.

ISBN: 978-0-9556983-8-5; Format: Paperback; Extent: 620 pp; Dimensions; 156mm by 234mm; 70 b/w photographs and illustations; 17 maps 

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