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‘Clio Publishing is a small but ambitious and innovative publishing house that provides exemplary service to its authors.  I’ve worked with Susan England for the last five years on my Rebellions Trilogy and she is, without doubt, the best publisher that I’ve encountered.  From draft to final publication, she has guided my work with an understanding and expertise born of a real feel for the printed word.  She is, as I acknowledged in my first book for Clio Publishing, ‘the epitome of what a publisher should be’.  Working with Clio Publishing and with Susan England has been an enormous pleasure and I am certain that my books would have not been as good as they are without her eye for detail and her detailed grasp of what publishing is really about.’

Richard Brown. MPhil, Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, Hon. Fellow of the Historical Association.

‘Susan England has what a lot of people envy, a natural ability and a way with words. She sent me a book about pigs six years ago to review and I told her that what I had written was ten times better! ‘Send it’, she said and at the time it was a lot of scribblings of my nevertheless interesting life trundling around the world looking at pigs, and she turned it into what the pig industry thought was “quite readable”, which from them was a compliment indeed. I have never been a lover of large conglomerates and with Susan you can pick up the phone and say yea or nay, I like what you have done or otherwise! She certainly knows a lot more about farming and pigs in general than she did but I suspect she also knows a lot more about a lot of things than she did and can only be a huge success with her new approach and service for authors.’

Sam Walton. Editor of Pig World and peasant farmer. 


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